24. Januar 2008

IX. BALTIC SEA DAY St.Petersburg


St Petersburg, 11-13 March 2008

On March, 11-13th, 2008 in St.-Petersburg will hold IX International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day".
For nine years of the existence the Forum became one of the integral ecological events of the Baltic Sea region.
This event usually holds under the aegis of Ministry of National Resources and annually gets together about 500 participants from the Baltics and the Europe.
Among participants of the Forum-2008 the high level of representation from HELCOM, European Commission and countries of region of Baltic Sea is expected.

The basic theme of the Forum-2008 will be the discussion devoted to “Baltic Sea Action Plan” (BSAP) implementation in the Baltic states (a new strategic document of HELCOM “Baltic Sea Action Plan” was adopted at extraordinary Ministerial session on November, 15th, 2007 in Krakow, Poland) with wide attraction national and international NGO, the international financial institutions, executive and legislature bodies of the Baltic region.

In the Forum-2008 the next few topics have been suggested to discussion:
- Participation of NGO in implementation of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan.
- Financing & Implementation of Projects around the Baltic Sea
- Assessment of the Baltic Sea environment
- Development of scientific and student's cooperation of educational institutions of the Baltic states
- Trends of Marine Management and Activities in Russia
- Environmentally safe Agriculture
- Tourism and Ecology
- Meeting of the working group on the Russian-Finnish-Estonian cooperation in the Gulf of Finland (this section session already traditionally will be held before official opening of the Forum, on March, 11th, 2008)

As a resume of the Forum-2008 will be published the Thesises Collection, in which will be placed thesises and presentation of the participants.

Proposals and questions we ask to direct to address of SPbPO "Ecology and business" which during 9 years realize technical organization of the Forum.

Truly yours and with hope for fruitful cooperation

The Organising Committee

The IXth International Environmental Forum
“Baltic Sea Day” Organizing Committee
Phone: + 7 812 431 1167,
phone/fax: +7 812 430 9305
E-mail: korovinl@helcom..ru

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