31. Mai 2008

NGOs call for common strategies for Baltic Sea Cooperation

Participants of the 7th Baltic Sea NGO Forum, which took place in Riga 11th-13th of May, demand more common efforts for Baltic Sea Cooperation. "If always certain countries are excluded of taking part in common programmes and activities - how should we continue and strengthen our networking in the Baltic Sea Region?" Kjeld Aakjær, one of the coordinators of next years NGO FORUM 2009 in Denmark, stresses the weaknesses of the governmental strategies of CBSS-countries. Lars-Erik Haggman, member of the Baltic Sea Networks coordination group adds: "It does not help, if the Nordic Council excludes Germany, the EU excludes Russia, and so called EU-neighbourhood-policy not even intends to involve all Baltic Sea Countries!"

On June 3rd - 4th 2008 the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) meets in Riga. Will they notice, that cooperation between countries does not consist only of how to earn money (business) and dozens of governmental comittees?

Final declaration of Baltic Sea NGO FORUM Riga 2008

Impressions and photos from Baltic Sea NGO Forum Riga